See you later, a welcome and… Kingdom of Nonsense

It’s been a while since the last time we wrote something here… well, the wait is over!. We have three important announcements:

Number one: our keyboardist, David Peñalver “Peña” is no longer a member of Whirlwind Storm. His family (and his recent born child, David) needs him so much right now, so he wanted to focus in his new and important new responsability. We’ll miss him so much, thank you for all these years of metal and laughs!

Number two: the life goes on, and we already have a new guy on the keys! His name is Guillermo Fernández, Guille for now on, and is a very skilled player who surprises we all in every fucking rehearsal! We welcome him to the WS family, and we can’t wait to show you how damn good the band is sounding.

And number three, and not less important: The recording of our new album is over, and we are at the mixing process at the moment. And yes, we already have a title for it: “Kingdom of Nonsense” will be the second album of Whirlwind Storm, and’ll be released when we finish it… we hope in next autumn!. Some of the songs that’ll be part of the album are “Voodoo“, “In the Edge of Destiny“, “Burning Eyes” or “Bleeding Heart“, among others.

For the next update: complete info about “Kingdom of Nonsense” & cover. Keep yourself alive and well until then, long live heavy metal!

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